Costs glossary
Costs glossary

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Costs glossary

This glossary provides:

  1. all the costs terms within the CPR glossary and provides an explanation of their use

  2. all the terms defined in the glossary of the Senior Courts Costs Office Guide,  at page 7

  3. costs budgeting terms and provides explanations. Such terms are currently not in the CPR glossary

Term Definition Senior Courts Costs Office Guide/explanation
Applications clerk   SCCO Guide—the clerk to whom all papers and inquiries should be directed concerning the issue of claim forms and application notices: the applications clerk’s office is currently located in Room 7.12
Appropriate office   SCCO Guide—the office in which a request for a detailed assessment hearing should be filed: it is the County Court Office or District Registry for the court in which the order for costs was made or, in all other cases, the Senior Court Costs Office (SCCO). Where the SCCO is the appropriate office for the request, it is also the appropriate office for any request or application made earlier in the detailed assessment proceedings, eg, a request for a default costs