Corporate horizon scanning—2019 [Archived]

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  • Corporate horizon scanning—2019 [Archived]
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Corporate horizon scanning—2019 [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note is an archived summary of the key legal developments that impacted corporate lawyers during 2019. It is no longer updated.

Key developments to look out for during 2019 obviously include those connected to Brexit. To track Brexit-related legislation, including statutory instruments, see theBrexit legislation tracker. It may also be useful to refer to theBrexit toolkit and Brexit timeline.

To track legal and regulatory developments relating to other specific topics, see:

  1. Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR)—timeline

  2. Market Abuse Regulation—timeline

  3. Listing Rules tracker

  4. Prospectus Regulation Rules tracker

  5. Prospectus Regulation tracker

  6. Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules tracker, and

  7. Transparency Directive tracker

To track key case relevant to corporate practitioners, see:

  1. 2019: Corporate case tracker

  2. 2018: Corporate case tracker

To track or identify market developments, see the Market Tracker deal analysis tool. It contains over 4,000 public company deal summaries. In addition, in-depth analysis of recent trends in corporate practice can be found in the various Market Tracker trend reports and our mini-trend and News Analysis pieces, many of which are available through the Corporate blog.

For a look back at legal developments in previous years, see our archived horizon scanners for 2018 [Archived], 2017 [Archived], 2016 [Archived], 2015 [Archived] and 2014 [Archived].

Feel free to suggest issues that may be covered in our horizon scanner using:

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