Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker of insolvency reforms globally [Archived]

The following Restructuring & Insolvency practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker of insolvency reforms globally [Archived]
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker of insolvency reforms globally [Archived]

This Practice Note has been archived and is not maintained.

This tracker is produced in partnership with INSOL Europe who have also produced a series of webinars on the reforms. The webinars published to date (and available on demand) are available on INSOL Europe’s website here:

We look at various countries which are expediting reforms to their restructuring and insolvency laws, temporarily suspending onerous insolvency law provisions, increasing limits for statutory demands, suspending enforcement powers and introducing other measures to deal with the coronavirus (COVID—19) crisis (see News Analysis: Insolvency law in times of coronavirus (COVID-19)—global trends). As the situation is rapidly evolving with more countries adding new measures daily, you should contact local lawyers in the relevant jurisdiction to check the current measures in force. Reforms of which we are aware include:

CountrySummary of change(s)Further readingPosition pre-COVID-19
ArgentinaRelaxation of various deadlines: Pursuant to Article 14 of the Argentine Bankruptcy Law number 24522 as amended (‘LCQ’), the court resolution that decrees the opening of the re-organisation proceeding must set various procedural dates until (or on) which certain relevant legal acts in the insolvency proceeding must take place, such as the date by which creditors must present their claims for verification of

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