Coronavirus (COVID-19)—social care tracker
Coronavirus (COVID-19)—social care tracker

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This tracker is focused on social care and is intended to be used to track key developments, legislation, guidance, parliamentary briefing notes and other sources of interest relating to COVID-19 and social care, where relevant to local government lawyers. It is designed to provide an easy reference point for relevant content for lawyers working in or with local authorities during the COVID-19. For a navigational list of all local government COVID-19 trackers, see: Coronavirus (COVID-19)—local government tracker.

Primary legislation

DevelopmentWhen in forceFind out more
Coronavirus Act 2020, s 15 (and Sch 12)Brought into force by provisions belowImpact of the Coronavirus Act 2020 on social care provision and social care easements
Siân Davies and Rosie Scott, barristers at 39 Essex Chambers, discuss the impact of the Coronavirus Act 2020 on social care provision for both children and adults.
See News Analysis: The Coronavirus Act 2020 and its impact on social care provision.
Siân Davies, barrister at 39 Essex Chambers, discusses the Care Act easements, provided for under the CA 2020. She examines the guidance for local authorities on when it is appropriate to use the Care Act easements, emphasises the information that should be given to those being assessed and debates what changes to safeguarding policies may occur during the relaxation period, as well as analyses the relationship between the Care Act
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