Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Scotland tracker
Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Scotland tracker

The following Public Law guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Scotland tracker
  • Coronavirus Act 2020 (CA 2020), Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 (C(S)A 2020), Coronavirus (Scotland) (No 2) Act 2020, and other relevant legislation and rules
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This table below contains an archive of news analysis on Scotland and Scots law developments of general application and those which affect various practice areas that has been published on Lexis®Nexis.

For non-Coronavirus (COVID-19) related news see: Scotland news analysis.

Coronavirus Act 2020 (CA 2020), Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 (C(S)A 2020) and other relevant legislation and rules

Date News analysis Brief description of news analysis
15 May 2020 Adults with Incapacity (Ethics Committee) (Scotland) (Coronavirus) Amendment Regulations 2020 LNB News 15/05/2020 45 SSI 2020/151: Amendments are made to the Adults with Incapacity (Ethics Committee) (Scotland) Regulations 2002 as a consequence of COVID-19 to improve the capacity of and introduce some flexibilities into the working of the committee established to deal with research involving adults with incapacity in Scotland. These Regulations come into force on 21 May 2020.
14 May 2020 The Coronavirus (Scotland) (No 2) Bill—impact on restructuring and insolvency Steven Wood, practice support specialist (insolvency) at ICAS. This analysis focuses on the impact of the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No 2) Bill (‘the No 2 Bill’) on restructuring and