Coronavirus (COVID-19)—public procurement tracker
Coronavirus (COVID-19)—public procurement tracker

The following Local Government practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)—public procurement tracker
  • Procurement policy notes
  • Government guidance
  • Courts service guidance
  • EU guidance
  • State aid guidance
  • Analysis and other sources of information

This tracker is intended to be used to track key developments, legislation, guidance, parliamentary briefing notes and other sources of interest relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) and public procurement. It is designed to provide an easy reference point for relevant content for lawyers working on public procurement during the coronavirus outbreak.

For related guidance and further reading, see: Coronavirus (COVID-19) toolkit.

Procurement policy notes

DevelopmentDateFind out more
Procurement Policy Note 01/21: Procurement in an Emergency (PPN 01/21)4 February 2021Procurement Policy Note provides guidance on options and risks in emergency procurement
The Cabinet Office issued Procurement Policy Note 01/21: Procurement in an Emergency (PPN 01/21). Building on guidance published in March 2020 in response to the coronavirus outbreak, PPN 01/21 reminds contracting authorities of the options available when undertaking procurement exercises in circumstances of extreme urgency and includes further guidance on the commercial risks, particularly when making direct awards. PPN 01/21 applies to all contracting authorities in the public sector with immediate effect.
See: LNB News 04/02/2021 113.
Procurement Policy Note 09/20: The Construction Playbook (PPN 09/20)8 December 2020Procurement Policy Note sets out guidance on the Construction Playbook
The Cabinet Office issued Procurement Policy Note 09/20: Construction Playbook (PPN 09/20), which incorporates commercial best practices and industry reforms. PPN 09/20 sets out the guidelines by which the government will ‘assess, procure and deliver’ public works

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