Coronavirus (COVID-19) news—contracts
Coronavirus (COVID-19) news—contracts

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) news—contracts

This table contains an archive of News Analysis on coronavirus (COVID-19) and coronavirus developments that relate to contracts.

DateNews analysisBrief description of news analysis
11 January 2021 Managing Claims and Disputes in Construction during Coronavirus (COVID–19) LNB News 11/01/2021 17The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published a statement regarding claims and disputes in Construction. Following a questionnaire and a series of interviews conducted by the Contractual Practices Working Group of the CLC Business Models Workstream, most respondents constitute a substantial client base from the construction supply chain and its sub-sectors. The questionnaire and interview aimed ‘to help improve CLC’s understanding on the impact of COVID–19 on contracts and the possible nature and volume of potential claims and disputes’ at present and in the future. CLC has published a summary note on its findings, with the main causes being, ‘increase in the number of claims under construction contracts being rejected because of COVID-19’. Subsequently, CLC has published guidance to support the industry with practicing ‘responsible and fair behaviour in contractual arrangements.’ The guidance outlines the methods to ‘navigate and accommodate the impact of COVID–19 on existing contracts in order to avoid disputes’, as well as measures for safeguarding, managing collaboration and sharing the risk of COVID–19 disruption to project delivery. CLC has stated it will monitor the situation

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