Coronavirus (COVID-19) news—business & financial performance
Coronavirus (COVID-19) news—business & financial performance

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This table contains an archive of News Analysis on coronavirus (COVID-19) and coronavirus developments that relate to business and financial performance.

May 2021

DateNews AnalysisBrief description of news analysis
5 May 2021Coronavirus (COVID-19)—FCA to launch a fourth financial resilience survey LNB News 05/05/2021 67The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is asking a number of regulated firms to complete a short survey to help it obtain a more accurate view of firms’ financial resilience as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the fourth such survey since June 2020 and is mandatory. It will be emailed to firms in Tranche 2 on 19-21 May 2021.
4 May 2021WTO—release on new trade and public health virtual course with focus on coronavirus (COVID-19) LNB News 04/05/2021 30The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has published a press release on the launch of its new trade and public health virtual course. The course has a specific focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and has been launched in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the World Health Organisation. The course will take place over five weeks and involve multiple experts and officials to explain how many separate policy areas influence public health, from intellectual property to trade measures to healthcare considerations.

April 2021

DateNews AnalysisBrief description of news

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