Coronavirus (COVID-19)—legislation tracker

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)—legislation tracker

This Practice Note tracks domestic legislation introduced as part of the UK government’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It includes a Coronavirus SI database collating details of relevant draft and enacted secondary legislation laid in Parliament.

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Coronavirus legislation

As well as introducing the Coronavirus Act 2020 (see below), the government is using delegated legislative powers to introduce and implement further measures in response to coronavirus via secondary legislation. The most common form of secondary legislation is statutory instruments (SIs).

These SIs are being introduced under a range of enabling powers for various purposes, eg to amend existing provisions of UK law and to implement new and revised domestic policy required as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (eg in areas such as public health, immigration, competition, trade, employment, social security policy).

Given the breadth and cross-sector impact of coronavirus and scale of the legislative response, the legislation in this area is likely to be of interest across a range of practice areas. For ease of reference, we are tracking the key legislation here and gathering details of the SIs in a central database below.

Coronavirus SI database

This database collates details of draft and made SIs laid before Parliament. It is accessible

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