Contaminated land—public register
Contaminated land—public register

The following Environment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Contaminated land—public register
  • Requirement for a register
  • Are all contaminated sites on the register?
  • What is recorded on the register?
  • Searching the register
  • Exclusions
  • Record of remediation works

Requirement for a register

Every enforcing authority must keep a freely available public register of contaminated land under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Pt IIA, (EPA 1990). See Practice Note: Contaminated land—enforcing authorities.

Details should be added as soon as reasonably practicable after the relevant information is generated.

Where information is entered on the register by the Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales (NRW) or a local authority (LA) in an adjoining or adjacent area, it must send a copy of the records to the relevant LA who will enter the information in its own register.

Are all contaminated sites on the register?

The register does not contain every site that may be contaminated. It is not a list of former industrial or polluted sites, or a record of land which is being investigated as potentially contaminated land.

The fact that a site is not listed does not mean it is not contaminated. The register only records the enforce

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