Consumer Code for Home Builders
Consumer Code for Home Builders

The following Property practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Consumer Code for Home Builders
  • What is the Code?
  • The purpose of the Code
  • Dispute Resolution Scheme
  • Is compliance with the Code compulsory?

What is the Code?

The Consumer Code for Homebuilders (the Code) came into effect in April 2010. It is an industry-led code of conduct for home builders and was developed for the benefit of buyers to make their home buying process fairer and more transparent. The Code consists of 19 mandatory requirements and principles under five headings that home builders must meet. These are known as the Code Requirements:

  1. Adopting the Code

  2. Information—pre-contract

  3. Information—exchange of contract

  4. Information—during occupation

  5. Complaints and disputes

The Code applies to all homebuilders registered with the UK's main new home warranty providers:

  1. NHBC

  2. Premier Guarantee

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