Conditional revocation
Conditional revocation

The following Wills & Probate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Conditional revocation
  • Conditional revocation
  • Failure to execute another Will
  • Failure to make a valid execution
  • Failure to execute an effective Will
  • Failure to revive a Will
  • Mistaken belief
  • Implied revocation
  • A matter of construction

Conditional revocation

Revocation of the whole or part of a Will or codicil by destruction, or by another Will or codicil, requires an intention to revoke. The testator may have intended revocation to take place either:

  1. immediately (absolute), or

  2. on certain matters taking effect or coming to pass (conditional)

If the testator revokes a Will subject to a condition, the revocation will take effect only if it is satisfied.

The condition may make revocation dependent on the validity of another Will or codicil: if for any reason the other Will or codicil is not valid, the revocation does not tak

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