Companies and other forms of business vehicle—glossary of terms
Companies and other forms of business vehicle—glossary of terms

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  • Companies and other forms of business vehicle—glossary of terms
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Articles of associationGenerally referred to simply as the articles. The principal constitutional document of a company (see also Memorandum of association), dealing with management and administration issues, most notably the powers of directors, the transfer and issue of shares, and board and member meetings. The Articles form the fundamental contract between the company and the shareholders, and must be available for public inspection at Companies House. A company must adopt articles of association upon incorporation, and many companies make use of the various Model Articles provided in the Companies (Model Articles) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/3229) (eg see Precedent: Model articles—private limited company). See Practice Note: A company’s constitution.


Charitable companyA charitable company is not a recognised form of business vehicle, but a phrase used to describe one of the structures most commonly used to pursue a charitable purpose, usually in the form of a company limited by guarantee, registered under the CA 2006 (see also Charities Act 2011, s 193 (CA 2011)). For further information on the different forms of charity see Practice Note: Charities—governing documents.
Charitable incorporated organisationsA charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) is a form of legal entity that is only available to charities. A CIO is an incorporated entity with its own legal personality (ie it is a 'body corporate', but not a company), that has to be registered
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