Committal proceedings for contempt—key decisions
Committal proceedings for contempt—key decisions

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Committal proceedings for contempt—key decisions

The importance of ensuring that your client understands the need to comply with the court rules (such as when signing a statement of truth) and court orders, and the drastic consequences that may follow if they do not, is bourne out by the number of cases, particularly recently, in which committal applications have been pursued against those parties (both individual and corporate) for their failure to adhere to and comply with such rules and orders.

The table below identifies some of the key cases on committal, covering issues such as:

  1. procedural irregularities in the committal application process

  2. evidential standards

  3. jurisdiction and service issues

  4. sentencing issues

These cases demonstrate the range of circumstances in which committal proceedings have been pursued. Full links to the judgment and our News Analysis on them is provided in each case.

Case details and analysis Nature of contempt alleged Key issues considered The result What sentence was imposed (if any)?
Secretary of State for Justice v Prison Officers Association
19 December 2019
High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, Divisional Court
[2019] EWHC 3553 (QB)
Breach of an injunction, made after a contested