Clubs, pubs and fairs
Produced in partnership with David Lucas FBII, MIoL of Lucas Licensing Limited

The following Local Government practice note produced in partnership with David Lucas FBII, MIoL of Lucas Licensing Limited provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Clubs, pubs and fairs
  • Clubs
  • Exempt gaming
  • Permits available to clubs
  • Club gaming permit
  • Club Machine Permit
  • Application for a club permit—other than fast track
  • Duration of Permit
  • Fast track application for a club permit
  • Duration of a fast track permit
  • More...

Clubs, pubs and fairs


There are specific provisions which control gaming and gaming machines provided by clubs, alcohol licensed premises and travelling fairs. These are in addition to the provisions which allow gambling facilities to be provided under operating and premises licences.

Under the gambling legislation there are three categories of club:

  1. members’ clubs

  2. commercial clubs

  3. miners’ welfare institutes

Members’ clubs and commercial clubs are subject to some similar requirements:

  1. they must have at least 25 members

  2. they must be permanently established

  3. they must be established and conducted mainly or wholly for purposes other than gaming (with the exception of bridge and whist clubs)

In addition, a members’ club must also be established and conducted for the benefit of the members.

A miners’ welfare institute must be established for social or recreational purposes and be managed or operated in a specific manner.

Exempt gaming

Members’ clubs, commercial clubs and welfare institutes are allowed to provide equal chance gaming without any form of authorisation.

Gaming is equal chance gaming if:

  1. it does not involve playing or staking against a bank, and

  2. the chances are equally favourable to all participants

There are some restrictions on the equal chance gaming which may be provided:

  1. stakes and prizes limits in games of poker are specified in regulations

  2. participation fees are limited depending upon the type of game

  3. there may be no deductions or levy from stakes or

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