Client care letters
Client care letters

The following Family guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Client care letters
  • Client care letters
  • Costs
  • Publicly funded clients
  • Privately funded clients
  • Costs limits
  • Complaints handling
  • Storage of documents
  • Termination of instructions
  • Resolution Guide to Good Practice
  • more

Client care is about providing a proper standard of service to clients.

The regulatory obligations that should be complied with are set out in Chapter 1 of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct 2011.

The SRA Handbook lists ten Principles which are mandatory. These Principles define the fundamental ethical and professional standards expected by the SRA of all firms and individuals. Regard should also be had to the Law Society Client care information practice note.

The Law Society has also published a Price and service transparency toolkit which contains some suggestions on the content of client care letters.

The Code sets out the SRA's outcomes-focused conduct requirements. These are the mandatory outcomes that must be achieved in order to comply with the SRA Principles. The Code also sets out indicative behaviours which are non-mandatory examples of the kind of behaviours which may establish whether the outcomes have been achieved and compliance with the SRA Principles. Practitioners should familiarise themselves with the SRA Handbook and the Code, which are available on the SRA website.

In relation to client care the most relevant Principles are:

  1. providing a proper standard of service

  2. acting in the best interests of each client

  3. acting with integrity

  4. compliance with legal and regulatory obligations

The SRA does not give a list of client care requirements, instead it describes outcomes that must be