Civil appeals—court specific guidance
Civil appeals—court specific guidance

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Civil appeals—court specific guidance
  • Coronavirus—implications for appeals
  • Appeals—court guides
  • Appeals to the Chancery Division—Chancery Guide
  • Titles of claims—chapter 8
  • Excluded claims—chapter 14
  • Procedure for Applications—chapter 15
  • Appeals (issue and listing)—chapter 21
  • Skeleton arguments (filing by email)—chapter 21
  • Robed and unrobed hearings—chapter 21
  • More...

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The guidance detailing normal practice set out in this Practice Note may be affected by measures concerning process and procedure in the civil courts that have been introduced as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The key implications for civil appeals are set out below. For general guidance on the implications of the pandemic for dispute resolution practitioners, see Practice Note: Coronavirus (COVID-19) implications for dispute resolution.

Brexit: The UK's departure from the EU on exit day ie Friday 31 January 2020 has implications for practitioners seeking a ruling of the Court of Justice under CPR 68. For guidance on the impact of Brexit on the CPR, see Cross border considerations—checklist—Brexit—impact on CPR.

For an insight into the impact of Brexit, see News Analysis: Preliminary references from the UK—practice, procedure and impact of Brexit.

For information on the role of the Court of Justice after exit day, see Practice Note: Brexit—considerations for dispute resolution practitioners—Court of Justice.

Coronavirus—implications for appeals

For guidance on the measures that have been introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that are of relevance to those involved in appeals in the civil courts and which may impact the guidance concerning normal practice set out in this Practice Note, see: Starting an appeal—general provisions—Coronavirus—implications for appeals.

Appeals—court guides

The parties to any appeal (and the court) must comply with the rules applicable to

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