CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions
CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions

The following Construction guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions
  • The CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions
  • When could the CIC Conditions be used?
  • Notable terms in the CIC Conditions

The CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) publishes a standard form of consultant appointment: The CIC Consultants' Contract Conditions—Conditions of Contract for the Appointment of Consultants on Major Building Projects. This Practice Note reviews the second edition which was published in 2011 and superseded the original 2007 version.

The CIC Conditions can be used to appoint consultants of any discipline, whether or not they are responsible for design.

The CIC Conditions are published in two volumes:

Volume 1

Volume 1 begins with the form of agreement in which the parties' details are inserted together with a description of the consultant’s role and the project. The CIC Conditions provide for execution of the agreement under hand or as a deed. The agreement is then made up of six parts:

  1. 1—Contract Details

    This section, 1-1 to 1-14, can be completed in manuscript and sets out the project specific details of the project. It includes descriptions of the site, client's brief (which must also be appended to the appointment), and other members of the team. If any of the optional provisions in Part 6 are to apply, they should be identified here. The level of PI and an aggregate cap on the consultant's liability, together with details of the parties receiving third party rights, are also specified here.

  2. 2—Fee Schedule