Chancery Division—factual witness evidence

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Chancery Division—factual witness evidence
  • Trial witness statements in the Business and Property Courts under CPR PD 57AC
  • Drafting witness statements in the Chancery Division
  • Back sheets
  • Foreign language
  • Not calling a witness
  • Supplemental factual witness statements
  • Exhibits to witness statements
  • Filing and serving witness statements
  • Giving evidence at a trial in the Chancery Division
  • More...

Chancery Division—factual witness evidence

This Practice Note provides guidance on witness statements and factual evidence for use at trial in the Chancery Division under Chapter 19 of the Chancery Guide. In particular, it considers drafting witness statements for use at Chancery Division trials and offers guidance on what to do where the witness is not fluent in English, cross-referencing documents in the witness statement and supplemental witness statements. It also addresses preparing for and giving evidence at a Chancery trial and the potential consequences for failing to comply with relevant provisions. Finally, it offers practical tips on witness evidence for trials in the Chancery Division.


  1. Chancery Division, High Court in London—all trials in the Chancery Division in London are conducted on a fixed-end basis, meaning they will generally be required to be completed within the period allocated to them. For further guidance, see Practice Note: Order of play and trial timetables—Chancery Division London—fixed-ended trials

  2. CE-File electronic working is mandatory for professional court users in the Chancery Division. For more information on electronic working, see Practice Notes: Electronic working and CE-File—when and where is CE-File applicable?, Electronic working and CE-File—how to use CE-File and Electronic communication and filing of documents by email—CPR PD 5B

  3. claims started on or after 1 October 2015 in a Business and Property Court may be suitable for and/or subject to the

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