Case tracker—2021 pensions judgments—by date
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Last updated on 23/02/2021

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Case tracker—2021 pensions judgments—by date

This tracker contains a list of significant pension judgments handed down in 2021 organised by date. The entries can be navigated via the Table of Contents to the left of the page.

December 2021

Case detailsCitationsFurther information
R (on the application of Police Superintendents' Association) v HM Treasury[2021] EWHC 3389 (Admin)News Analysis: No relief granted in challenge to public service pensions reform (R (PSA) v HM Treasury)

Judgment Alert: R (on the application of Police Superintendents’ Association) v Her Majesty's Treasury [2021] EWHC 3389 (Admin) LNB News 15/12/2021 55

November 2021

Case detailsCitationsFurther information
Prudential Assurance Company Ltd and another company

24 November 2021
[2021] EWHC 3152 (Ch), BailiiNews Analysis: High Court approves Part VII transfer of £12bn annuity business from the Pru to Rothesay, second time round (Prudential Assurance Company Ltd and In the Matter of Rothesay Life plc)
R (on the application of the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police) v Kelly and another

19 November 2021
[2021] EWCA Civ 1699, [2021] All ER (D) 82 (Nov)News Analysis: Police injury pensions: jurisdiction of Crown Court—backdating of awards—interest (Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police v Kelly)
Mitchells & Butlers Pensions Limited v Mitchells & Butlers plc

12 November 2021
[2021] EWHC 3017 (Ch)News Analyses: Mistakes in amending pension deed which are replicated in successive deeds—(i) When is serial rectification available? (ii) Does
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