Case T- 691/14 Servier v Commission et al (pay–for–delay) [Archived]

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Case T- 691/14 Servier v Commission et al (pay–for–delay) [Archived]

ARCHIVED—this achieved case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 12 December 2018; it is no longer maintained.

NOTE—appeals lodged before the Court of Justice in Cases C- 144/19 P, C- 151/19 P, C- 164/19 P, C- 166/19 P, C- 176/19 P, C- 197/19 P, C- 198/19 P, C- 201/19 P and C- 207/19 P

See further: timeline and commentary.

Case facts

OutlineAppeals to the General Court in seeking annulment and/or reductions in the level of fines imposed regarding the Commission’s decision of 9 June 2014 finding infringements of Article 101 and Article 102 insofar as they relate to Servier and imposing fines totalling €427.7m on Servier and five producers of generic drugs to delay the entry of perindopril.

OutcomeOn 12 December 2018, the General Court issued its judgments in Cases T- 691/14 Servier v Commission, T- 677/14 Biogaran v Commission, T- 679/14 Teva UK and Others v Commission, T- 680/14 Lupin v Commission,
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