Case management—checklist
Case management—checklist

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Case management—checklist

This Checklist sets out some of the case management issues to be considered and addressed early in proceedings and before any case management conference (CMC) is held. It covers issues such as electronic working, disclosure, case management directions, witness evidence of fact, expert evidence, time estimates and general preparation for any CMC, including the case management file (or case management bundle) and who should attend the CMC. It also addresses whether the CMC should be an oral or a paper CMC and considers specific case management provisions where one or more of the parties is not legally represented (is a litigant in person/unrepresented party). Finally, it addresses some case management issues to consider where the claim is proceeding in a Business and Property Court under the shorter trials and/or flexible trials schemes under Practice Direction 57AB (CPR PD 57AB).

Case management to a large extent runs alongside costs management. For more information on costs management, see: Costs budgeting and costs management—overview.

The CMC is intended to be a crucial event where the judge will actively manage the case, in conference, with the parties and their representatives. It is intended to be a 'valuable opportunity in which the parties have the benefit of a judge giving the case a constructive look, working through the practicalities of what the parties have in mind, and seeking