Business and Property Courts
Business and Property Courts

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Business and Property Courts
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • What are the Business and Property Courts?
  • Starting proceedings in the B&PCs
  • CE-File electronic working
  • Title of claims
  • Orders
  • Claim forms
  • Numbering of new and existing claims
  • Transfer of proceedings
  • More...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The guidance detailing normal practice set out in this Practice Note may be affected by measures concerning process and procedure in the civil courts that have been introduced as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In particular, note the following:

  1. attending hearings:

    1. remote hearings—physical hearings are being avoided and remote hearings arranged where possible in accordance with a remote hearing protocol published by the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary which applies in the County Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal (Civil Division), including the Business and Property Courts. The remote hearing protocol was published on 20 March 2020 and updated on 26 March 2020. For further detail, see: LNB News 23/03/2020 89—Guidance on civil court hearings issued in light of coronavirus (COVID-19) and LNB News 01/04/2020 71—Guidance on civil court hearings issued in light of coronavirus (COVID-19) updated. For detailed guidance on the use of audio and video-conferencing for hearings during the coronavirus pandemic, see Practice Note: Remote hearings in civil proceedings via video-conferencing and telephone—Use of audio and video-conferencing for hearings in times of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    2. court closures—if you need to physically attend court for a hearing or to use the counter services, check if the court is open or whether any special procedures are in place—see court and tribunal finder service for court details

  2. civil court listing priorities:

    1. High Court

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