Business continuity & crisis management—additional resources
Business continuity & crisis management—additional resources

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Business continuity & crisis management—additional resources
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This Practice Note provides a summary of Precedents and tools available in Lexis®PSL to support the crisis management and business continuity content within the Coronavirus (COVID-19) toolkit.


Pandemic management—self auditThis self—audit is intended for commercial organisations. It provides a structure for assessing whether your business has adequate processes in place to respond to a pandemic, which may stop some or all of your business operations for a period of time. You should consider how resilient your business is to a proportion of your staff being unable to work, difficulty with your supply chain and economic disruption.
Business continuity plan—BCPThis business continuity plan (BCP) contains suggested procedures to help you ensure that if your business is interrupted, you can become fully operational as quickly as possible and, in doing so, protect your staff, clients or customers and any other parties with whom you have dealings.
Business continuity plan—BCP—risk evaluationThis risk assessment provides examples of the sorts of matters you should consider and apply to your own business in conducting your BCP risk assessment.
Business continuity plan—BCP—priority list of

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