Broadcom Inc (exclusionary practices) (AT.40608)
Broadcom Inc (exclusionary practices) (AT.40608)

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NOTE—appeal lodged before the General Court in Case T- 876/19

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Case facts

Outline European Commission Article 102 TFEU investigation into Broadcom Inc looking at alleged exclusionary practices in relation to the supply of systems-on-a-chip for TV set-top boxes and modems (Case AT.39711).

Latest development On 16 October 2019, the Commission announced that it had imposed interim measures on Broadcom to prevent serious and irreparable damage to competition from occurring in certain markets for systems-on—a-chip for TV set-top boxes and modems.

The substantive investigation on the merits of all parts of the case is still ongoing.

Parties Broadcom Inc (Broadcom) is a US company headquartered in San Jose (California).

Broadcom is the world’s largest designer, developer and provider of integrated circuits for wired communication devices. Broadcom is a global leader in a number of markets, including:
• systems-on-a-chip, which are chipsets combining circuits that constitute the ‘brain’ of a set-top box or modem
• front-end chip, which are hardware components that translate analogue inputs into digital outputs, and which can the be processed by a system-on-chip
• WiFi chipsets, which are hardware components that