Brexit legislation tracker 2019 [Archived]

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Brexit legislation tracker 2019 [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived and is not maintained. It tracks the progress of UK primary legislation introduced as part of the legislative preparation for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU during the 2019 Parliament.

The Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019 received Royal Assent on 31 October 2019, fixing a general election on 12 December 2019. Under the procedural rules, Parliament is dissolved just after midnight 25 working days before a general election. Parliament was dissolved on 6 November 2019, just three weeks and two days after the Queen’s Speech in October 2019. All parliamentary business, including all legislation in progress came to an end at that point.

As a result of the dissolution of the 2019 Parliament, the following Brexit Bill, which had not yet received Royal Assent, fell away namely:

  1. European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill 2019

For further reading on the dissolution of Parliament, see: Brexit Bulletin—key Bills fall away on dissolution of Parliament, LNB News 07/11/2019 10.

Note: A number of Brexit Bills fell previously with the prorogation of the 2017–19 Parliament and had not yet been re-introduced following the Queen’s Speech in October 2019 (see below).

For background reading, see: Brexit Bulletin—key Bills fall away on prorogation of Parliament (part 2), LNB News 09/10/2019 64. For further details, see: Brexit legislation tracker

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