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The following Public Law practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

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  • Brexit SIs
  • Brexit Bills given Royal Assent
  • Legislation to deliver Brexit
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Brexit legislation tracker

This Practice Note tracks the progress of UK legislation introduced as part of the legislative project associated with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. It includes a Brexit SI database collating details of draft and enacted secondary legislation associated Brexit.

Quick links

Click on the links below to jump to the relevant section or tracker:

Practice area trackers

Click on the links below to redirect to trackers covering Brexit legislation in specific practice areas:

  1. Commercial

  2. Corporate Crime

  3. Dispute Resolution

  4. Employment

  5. Energy

  6. Environment

  7. Financial Services

  8. Information Law

  9. Intellectual Property

  10. Life Sciences

  11. Local Government

  12. Pensions

  13. Property

  14. R&I

  15. Tax

  16. TMT

For further updates and guidance specific to individual practice areas, see: Brexit toolkit.

Brexit SIs

Click on the link below for details and access to the Brexit SI database:

  1. Brexit SI database

Brexit Bills given Royal Assent

Click on the link below to jump to the Brexit Bill given Royal Assent:

  1. Trade Act 2021

  2. Financial Services Act 2021

  3. European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020

  4. Agriculture Act 2020

  5. Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Act 2020

  6. Fisheries Act 2020

  7. Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Act 2020

  8. United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020

  9. Taxation (Post-transition Period) Act 2020

  10. Trade (Disclosure of Information) Act 2020

Legislation to deliver Brexit

During the Queen’s Speech in December 2019, the following legislation was announced under the heading ‘Delivering Brexit’:

  1. European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill—to ratify and implement the Withdrawal Agreement

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