Brexit—Banking & Finance cross border content
Brexit—Banking & Finance cross border content

The following Banking & Finance guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Brexit—Banking & Finance cross border content
  • Implications of Brexit for other jurisdictions

Implications of Brexit for other jurisdictions

Brexit will have a significant impact on the relationship between the UK and other jurisdictions, both within the EU and outside. This Practice Note brings together News Analyses and articles looking at how other EU Member States’ preparations for Brexit and existing laws in relation to such issues as trade, enforcement of judgments and the provision of financial services might impact the UK. This Practice Note is updated regularly with new content. The content is listed in order of publication, newest first.

Further information on the laws of other jurisdictions in the context of finance transactions, including in relation to lending restrictions and recognition of judgments, can be found within our Banking & Finance cross-border resources—see:

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Note also our enforcement guides—these are in a Q&A format and provide detailed information on various issues relating to enforcement of judgments in the relevant jurisdiction:

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  2. Enforcement guide—Jordan

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