BREEAM key requirements
Produced in partnership with Author of the WSP Group

The following Environment practice note produced in partnership with Author of the WSP Group provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • BREEAM key requirements
  • What is BREEAM?
  • Drivers of BREEAM
  • BREEAM schemes
  • BREEAM assessment structure
  • BREEAM assessment process
  • Typical BREEAM design and construction features
  • Design process elements
  • Building elements

BREEAM key requirements

What is BREEAM?

The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) is a method for evaluating and certifying the environmental performance of a building’s design, construction and operation. A BREEAM score and rating are assigned to BREEAM certified buildings providing a means of measuring the environmental impact of a building’s design and construction and so benchmarking this against other certified buildings.

BREEAM is owned, maintained and managed by BRE Global Ltd. BRE Global Ltd provides licenses to independent trained and qualified BREEAM Assessors who undertake BREEAM assessments. BREEAM Assessments are subsequently submitted to BRE for independent review and certification.

Drivers of BREEAM

While BREEAM is a voluntary standard, there are a number of drivers for undertaking a BREEAM assessment, including:

  1. local development frameworks via planning authorities specify BREEAM ratings to be achieved to demonstrate the sustainability of developments. For example, in Wales, all new non-residential developments (over 250m2) promoted or supported by the Welsh Government or its sponsored bodies must achieve BREEAM excellent, or an equivalent quality assured scheme. In March–May 2016, the Welsh Government consulted on incorporating aspects of the previous Sustainable Buildings National Planning Policy into the Building Regulations in Wales. Respondents unanimously agreed that a regulatory approach to responsible sourcing was not preferable but that there was a good opportunity available to further promote responsible sourcing and the numerous schemes that certify products

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