BPILS Section D medical drawings
BPILS Section D medical drawings

The following PI & Clinical Negligence practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • BPILS Section D medical drawings
  • Anatomy diagram
  • A flayed man
  • A flayed man viewed from the rear
  • Rear view with muscles exposed
  • Details of the eye
  • Horizontal section of the left eye, seen from above
  • Lateral flexion of the neck to the left
  • Rotation of the head to the left
  • Flexion of the neck; extension of the neck
  • More...

These drawings have been prepared by Dr Manuel Anderson of South Shields, Tyne and Wear, a Consultant General Physician and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts who also enjoys considerable experience in the field of expert medical evidence.

Anatomy diagram

This sketch is inspired by Myron's sculpture (Greek, circa 460–450 BC). The muscles have been deliberately emphasised so that they show more clearly than in the original sculpture.

The drawing can also be of assistance with regard to the understanding of movements of limbs: both arms are abducted. The right arm is also extended at the shoulder, while the left arm is slightly flexed at the elbow. The fingers of the right hand are flexed over the discus. The trunk is flexed at the hips and the spine is slightly flexed also. The trunk is rotated to the right, the head is only slightly rotated to the right. Both lower limbs are flexed at t

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