Bill tracker—Scotland
Bill tracker—Scotland

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  • Bill tracker—Scotland

This tracker sets out the current Bills passing through the Scottish Parliament.

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Culpable Homicide (Scotland) BillThis Bill is at Stage 1 (committee consideration and general principles) having been introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 1 June 2020.The Bill changes the law of culpable homicide in Scotland by creating two new offences. These are where the death of a person is caused recklessly or by gross negligence. Culpable homicide is the term used in Scots law for an offence of causing the death of another person without planning or intending to. It is different to murder where there is criminal intention, and from causing death by accident where no-one can be blamed. These new offences in the Bill are in addition to the current law on culpable homicide.
Defamation and Malicious Publication (Scotland) BillThis Bill is at Stage 2, having been introduced on 2 December 2019.It is a Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament to amend the law of defamation, replace the common law delicts of verbal injury with delicts of malicious publication, and for connected purposes.
Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) (Scotland) BillThis Bill is at Stage 1, having been introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 30 September 2020.This Bill was introduced to improve opportunities for disabled children and

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