Banking & Finance—new starter guide

The following Banking & Finance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Banking & Finance—new starter guide
  • In this guide...
  • Lending
  • Types of loans
  • Parties involved in loan transactions
  • The Loan Market Association
  • Loan transactions
  • Term sheet and mandate phase
  • Drafting and negotiating the finance documents
  • Satisfying the conditions precedent
  • More...

Banking & Finance—new starter guide

In this guide...

This guide contains information about the resources in Banking & Finance which trainees and newly qualified lawyers may find useful when getting to grips with what finance transactions are all about, how they are structured and the key parties involved. It covers:

  1. Lending

  2. Security, and

  3. Quasi-security

It also covers specialist types of finance:

  1. Acquisition finance

  2. Asset finance

  3. Islamic finance

  4. Project finance

  5. Real estate finance

  6. Trade and commodity finance

  7. Debt capital markets

  8. Derivatives

  9. Regulation of derivatives

  10. Structured products and securitisation.

It also covers Restructuring, Regulation for banking lawyers and Claims and remedies.

This guide also contains information about other useful resources in Banking & Finance, including:

  1. Brexit

  2. Prospectus Regulation toolkit

  3. Current awareness, including information about how to Set up and change email alerts

  4. Cross border information

  5. what you'll find in our Essentials pod on the Banking & Finance homepage

  6. Banking & Finance glossary

  7. information about how to Ask us a question and see what others are asking and Connect with us on social media

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Types of loans

Loans come in a wide variety of forms.

A simple and very common type of loan is an overdraft. Other common types of loans are term loans and revolving credit facilities.

Loans can be provided by one lender (bilateral loans) or multiple lenders (syndicated loans

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