Banking & Finance Glossary—F
Banking & Finance Glossary—F

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  • Banking & Finance Glossary—F
  • Face value
  • Facility agent
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  • FCA
  • FIA
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  • Finance documents
  • Finance parties
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Face value

The nominal value of a security rather than its market value

Facility agent

The financial institution that acts as administrative agent for the syndicate in a syndicated facility. The facility agent is responsible for administering payments to the lenders and liaising directly with the borrower on behalf of the lenders in such matters as amendments and waivers

Lexis®PSL resources

The finance parties


Financial Conduct Authority which succeeded the FSA and is responsible for ensuring the relevant markets function well, for the conduct supervision of firms not supervised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, protecting consumers and promoting competition


Futures Industry Association, the leading trade organisation for the futures, options and cleared swaps markets worldwide

Lexis®PSL resources

FIA—latest news on documentation

Finance documents

Typically refers to all the documents that make up the terms of the financing arrangement between the borrower and lender(s). The term is normally defined in the facility agreement and generally includes the facility agreement, security documents, certain side letters to which a finance party is party and intercreditor agreements or deeds of priority

Finance parties

Typically refers to the lenders, facility agent, arranger, security agent on a syndicated facility agreement, though there may be other finance parties

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