Banking & Finance Glossary—D
Banking & Finance Glossary—D

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  • Debt Securities
  • Debenture
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  • Discount
  • Distribution agreement
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Debt pushdown

Where debt held by a holding company is repaid by the holding company and re-borrowed by a subsidiary (normally this is notional and done through accounting entries). Debt pushdowns are common on acquisition finance transactions and will typically be performed for tax reasons or to enable the lenders to take security at the operating company level without breaching capital maintenance restrictions.

Lexis®PSL resources

Structure of a buy-out

Debt Securities

Debt instruments constituted by a deed under which the borrower agrees with a creditor to repay a loan, usually with interest, within a given time frame.


An instrument which either acknowledges or creates a debt. In secured lending transactions the term is commonly used to denote an instrument creating fixed and floating charges o

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