Banking & Finance Glossary—B
Banking & Finance Glossary—B

The following Banking & Finance guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Banking & Finance Glossary—B
  • Back office
  • Back to back transaction
  • Balloon repayment
  • Base rate
  • Bailment
  • Basis point
  • BBA
  • Bidco
  • Bilateral facility agreement
  • more

Back office

Administrative departments in a bank which are involved in activities such as settlement and accounts

Back to back transaction

A transaction that has a mirror opposite transaction to it which replicates its obligations, liabilities and rights

Balloon repayment

Where the final repayment of principal in a loan transaction is substantially larger than earlier repayment instalments

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Repayment, prepayment and cancellation

Base rate

A variable interest rate set by individual banks and used as a reference when lending to individual borrowers

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Interest—funding rates a