Artificial intelligence—tracker

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Artificial intelligence—tracker

This tracker sets out key dates and information relating to legal issues surrounding the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology including publications and announcements.

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Key developments

DateType of developmentSummary
29 November 2021Press releaseThe UK Government publishes an algorithmic transparency standard for government departments and public sector bodies, promoting transparency in the way in which algorithmic tools are used to support decisions, particularly decisions with a legal or economic impact. See: LNB News 29/11/2021 108.
29 October 2021ConsultationThe Intellectual Property Office launches a consultation seeking evidence on how AI should be dealt with in the patent and copyright systems. The consultation is in response to the government’s call for views on AI and IP (September 2020). See: LNB News 29/10/2021 89.
18 October 2021ConsultationThe European Commission launches a public consultation concerning the adaptation of civil liability rules to the digital age, and specifically to AI. The consultation closes 10 January 2022.
8 October 2021Press releaseThe European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) publishes

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