Archived—2019 Case tracker—Employment

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Archived—2019 Case tracker—Employment

Archived—2019 Case tracker—Employment

This case tracker contains a selection of significant employment judgments handed down in 2019. Information relating to ongoing cases of significance can be found in Practice Note: Case tracker—Employment.

Links to Employment news analysis reports are included where they are available.

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Case NameCitationTopicCourt and Judgment DateHistory
Addison Lee v GascoigneA2/2018/1494WORKER STATUS—Whether the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) was correct to uphold the decision of the employment tribunal (ET) that a cycle courier was a worker rather than a self-employed contractor (and therefore entitled to holiday pay and the national minimum wage). See report on the EAT’s decision of 14 May 2018.Court of Appeal

20 March 2019
Awaiting decision on papers. Case stood out on 25 July 2018 pending decision in Farrar, Aslam v Uber BV. Case stood out on 4 December 2018 while order being drawn. Awaiting decision on papers. Permission to appeal denied to Addison Lee by Court of Appeal.
Gilham v Ministry of JusticeUKSC 2018/0014WORKER STATUS—Whether a district judge is a worker

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