Archived—2018 Case tracker—Employment
Archived—2018 Case tracker—Employment

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Archived—2018 Case tracker—Employment

This case tracker contains a selection of significant employment judgments handed down in 2018. Information relating to ongoing cases of significance can be found in Practice Note: Case tracker—Employment.

Links to Employment news analysis reports are included where they are available.

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Case NameCitationTopicCourt and Judgment DateHistory
Kowal v The Doctors Laboratory2200444/2017, 2200445/2017, 2200446/2017, 2200447/2017, 2200448/2017EMPLOYMENT STATUS—Whether a courier is an employee for an unfair dismissal and discrimination claim. The respondent has accepted that the claimants are workers and not self-employed. It was reported that, in the settlement of the claims, the respondent accepted that some of the claimants were employees, see LNB News 09/02/2018 109 ‘Gig economy: Settlement sees blood couriers get full employment rights’.Central London Employment Tribunal

Claims reported as settled on 8 February 2018
Claims filed on 7 March 2017. Listed for preliminary hearing on 13–16 November 2017. Re-listed on 13–16 February 2018.
Independent Workers of Great Britain and University of LondonTUR1/1027(2017)WORKER STATUS—This is an application for trade union recognition but the first issue decided is

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