Arbitration in London—hearing venues and other practical matters

The following Arbitration practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Arbitration in London—hearing venues and other practical matters
  • Hearing rooms
  • Transcripts
  • Technology
  • Video-conferencing
  • Other practical matters
  • Example venues

Arbitration in London—hearing venues and other practical matters

This Practice Note provides introductory guidance on London venues where arbitral hearings may be held, and related matters. It may be read in conjunction with Checklist: Pre-hearing considerations in arbitration proceedings—checklist.

London, England is a leading seat of international arbitration as well as a popular location for conducting in-person and hybrid hearings in arbitration proceedings, whether those proceedings are domestic or international, London-seated or otherwise. London is, as a result, home to many organisations that promote the settlement of international disputes through arbitration and provide services related to arbitration, including the provision of hearing facilities.

It is usual for parties to an arbitration to agree with their arbitral tribunal the physical location for any (in-person or hybrid) hearings in the proceedings and for how long the facilities will be required. Such agreement is usually secured well in advance to ensure suitable availability. It is not uncommon for the hearing to take place in the offices of the lawyers acting for one of the parties. However, this is only possible with the consent of all parties and in many cases the tribunal and other party may be more comfortable if the hearing is conducted in a neutral venue. This may be less of a concern if, for example, the sole arbitrator or chair of the tribunal is based at a

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