Arbitral organisations and coronavirus (COVID-19)—practical impact

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  • Arbitral organisations and coronavirus (COVID-19)—practical impact

Arbitral organisations and coronavirus (COVID-19)—practical impact

The table below summarises some of the key information regarding the practical impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on arbitration proceedings administered by and/or pursuant to the arbitration rules of a number of key arbitral institutions and associations. In this regard, we have focused on certain key arbitral organisations in respect of which we offer practical guidance on our service.

The advice and guidance provided by these organisations continues to evolve in response to the pandemic. Therefore, while this content is maintained, it remains important for practitioners to check the very latest information that may be available and relevant to their proceedings, particularly as there may be a lag between policy and procedure changes and updates to organisations’ websites. It is also worth noting that not all organisations have information regarding current status available on their websites. Generally speaking, the staff of arbitral organisations are either working remotely due to governmental restrictions on social distancing, have skeletal staff attending offices on a rotating basis or exceptionally to collect hard copy materials, or have returned to their offices and may or may not have restrictions on external visitors.

In addition to arbitral organisations responding individually to the crisis, early in the pandemic a group of prominent arbitral institutions issued a joint statement on arbitration and coronavirus—see: LNB News 16/04/2020 22. The

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