Appointment of an auditor
Appointment of an auditor

The following Corporate practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Appointment of an auditor
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) and audit
  • Appointment of an auditor—private company
  • Period for appointing auditors
  • Members’ right to appoint an auditor
  • Directors’ right to appoint an auditor
  • Deemed re-appointment of an auditor
  • Secretary of State’s power to appoint an auditor—non appointment of auditor
  • Secretary of State’s power to appoint an auditor—defective appointment
  • Term of office
  • More...

Appointment of an auditor

There are statutory provisions relating to the appointment of:

  1. an auditor of a private company

  2. an auditor of a public company

In addition, there may be other rules relating to the appointment of an auditor that apply to a listed company, an AIM company or a company with securities that are listed on the AQSE Main Market, AQSE Growth Market or AQSE Trading (formerly NEX Exchange Main Board, NEX Exchange Growth Market and NEX Exchange Secondary Market), but these are outside the scope of this Practice Note.

Where a new auditor is to be appointed in place of an outgoing auditor whose term of office has expired, or is to expire, see Practice Note: Failure to re-appoint an auditor.

In relation to the terms of an auditor's appointment and remuneration, see Practice Note: An auditor’s terms of appointment and remuneration.

For a form of resolution to appoint or re-appoint an auditor and fix its remuneration, see precedent: Resolution to appoint or re-appoint an auditor and fix his remuneration.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and audit

For information on the various emergency measures relating to financial reporting and audit implemented by the relevant regulatory authorities as a result of the coronavirus pandemic see Practice Note: Coronavirus (COVID-19)—impact on annual accounts and reports. For quick links to the key legislative and regulatory measures see Coronavirus (COVID-19)—impact on financial reporting and audit in

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