Apple/Shazam (M.8788) [Archived]
Apple/Shazam (M.8788) [Archived]

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ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 6 September 2018; it is no longer maintained.

See further, timeline and commentary.

Case facts

OutlineEuropean Commission merger investigation into the proposed acquisition by Apple of Shazam (Case M.8788). The transaction raises non-horizontal concerns in relation to music streaming services. The transaction did not meet the EU Merger Regulation thresholds, and was instead referred to the Commission under Article 22.

Latest developmentsOn 6 September 2018, the Commission cleared the transaction unconditionally following an in-depth phase II review.

PartiesApple is a US-based global technology company which designs, manufactures and sells mobile communication, media devices, portable digital music players and personal computers. It also sells and delivers digital content online through the ‘iTunes Store‘, the ‘App Store‘, ‘iBookstore‘ as well as ‘Mac App Store‘. Of particular relevance to this transaction, Apple offers the music streaming service Apple Music’, which in the last three years has become the second largest music streaming service provider in Europe.

Shazam is a UK-based company that develops and distributes music recognition applications for smartphones, tablets and PCs.It mainly generates revenues from online advertising, and commissions earned on referrals of users to digital music streaming and download services, such as Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. In particular, Shazam offers the leading

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