Annual employment tribunal and EAT statistics
Annual employment tribunal and EAT statistics

The following Employment guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Annual employment tribunal and EAT statistics
  • Background
  • Employment tribunal claims received
  • Employment tribunal compensation awards by case type
  • Employment tribunal costs awards
  • Appeals received by the Employment Appeal Tribunal
  • Quarterly statistics


The annual employment tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) statistics are of interest to employment lawyers for assessing:

  1. any discernible trends in employment litigation

  2. the impact of the fees regime (which was in place from 29 July 2013 to until it was declared unlawful and void ab initio by the Supreme Court on 26 July 2017) has had on the number of claims presented to employment tribunals (for further information see Practice Note: The unlawfulness of employment tribunal and EAT fees: decision and implications)

  3. compensation that might be awarded to successful claimants in different case types, albeit with the need to take into account that:

    1. compensation is highly dependent on the facts and circumstances of each individual case, so compensation awarded in one case does not reflect what would necessarily be awarded in another

    2. the annual statistics do not take into account amounts of compensation agreed between parties in confidential settlements

On 12 September 2019 the Ministry of Justice published the employment tribunal and EAT statistics for the 2018–19 financial year.

In relation to statistics for the previous year, 2017–18, see our report of 14 September 2018.

For information on quarterly statistics, see Quarterly statistics below.