Advising managers: drafting an appraisal form
Advising managers: drafting an appraisal form

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Advising managers: drafting an appraisal form
  • Elements to include in the appraisal form
  • Review of performance against objectives
  • Review of performance against core skills (competencies)
  • Individual or role-based competencies
  • Drafting a competency-based appraisal process
  • Setting performance objectives
  • Training and personal development
  • Communication
  • Training

Performance management is central to the relationship between employee and manager. Both should know what needs to be done to meet their own goals and contribute to those of the business as a whole.

The appraisal process is an important element of performance management. The guidance below sets out best practice in drafting a competency-based appraisal form. There are periodic links throughout to the Acas guidance booklet Acas guidance: How to manage performance (October 2014).

For further information on appraisal processes, see Advising managers: good practice in personal development and appraisal and Advising managers: conducting an appraisal meeting.

Elements to include in the appraisal form

Most appraisal forms include elements to allow:

  1. a review of performance against previous objectives

  2. an assessment of performance against the core skills required for the role (key competencies)

  3. a mechanism for agreeing performance objectives for the next 12 months

  4. an assessment of training needs and a personal development plan

They may also have sections designed for:

  1. comments about potential for promotion

  2. making recommendations for individual pay awards, if appropriate

Review of performance against objectives

Most appraisals include an assessment of how the employee has done. This should examine performance against set objectives and the extent to which they have been achieved. Objectives will usually have been set the previous year, but could have been updated during the year.

A written assessment of the overall performance is normally

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