Advantages and disadvantages of BIM
Produced in partnership with CMS

The following Construction practice note produced in partnership with CMS provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of BIM
  • Advantages of BIM
  • Disadvantages of BIM

Advantages and disadvantages of BIM

Advantages of BIM

  1. BIM should reduce both capital and whole life costs of buildings.

  2. Co-ordination and buildability problems can be ironed out at the design stage rather than causing delay and additional cost when they are discovered during construction.

  3. The implications of proposed design changes can be explored quickly and cheaply in the virtual model.

  4. 3D images are created, allowing easier visualisation of the end product.

  5. The model can be simulated and analysed in order to obtain information about running costs.

  6. The design data (such as specifications and other technical data) are included within the model, making this information easy to access.

  7. Detailed data will be collated: eg Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie), which is a multiple page spreadsheet containing data about a building to supplement the graphics in the drawings/model. This is created with the design, eliminating the need for the transfer of the as built information through hard copy documents to facilities management providers.

  8. The whole life cycle of the building is considered at an early stage, including the operation and maintenance requirements

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