Adult Dependant Relative—summary and resources
Produced in partnership with Rajiv Sharma of The 36 Group
Adult Dependant Relative—summary and resources

The following Immigration practice note produced in partnership with Rajiv Sharma of The 36 Group provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Adult Dependant Relative—summary and resources
  • Overview
  • Criteria
  • Entry clearance
  • Indefinite leave to remain
  • Evidence
  • Policy
  • Caselaw and Article 8
  • Prospects of success
  • Application procedure, forms and fees
  • More...

IP COMPLETION DAY: 11pm (GMT) on 31 December 2020 marks the end of the Brexit transition/implementation period entered into following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. At this point in time (referred to in UK law as ‘IP completion day’), key transitional arrangements come to an end and significant changes begin to take effect across the UK’s legal regime. This document contains guidance on subjects impacted by these changes. Before continuing your research, see Practice Note: What does IP completion day mean for Immigration?

There are currently no Practice Notes or Precedents regarding the Adult Dependant Relative route in LexisNexis® Immigration. However, this resource page provides a summary of the category, as well as links to the relevant Immigration Rules, Home Office guidance, caselaw, and forms, as well as information relating to fees and other aspects of applications under this route.

The Adult Dependant Relative route is designed to allow those lawfully settled in the UK to sponsor their adult dependant relative(s) for long term migration to the UK, in order to provide them with necessary care.

This Practice Note covers the following:

  1. overview of the rule

  2. criteria for a grant

  3. evidential requirements

  4. policy

  5. prospects of success

  6. relevant caselaw, and

  7. application procedure, forms and fees


The route was introduced in the Statement of Changes: HC 194 on 9 July 2012, stating that its aim is to:

‘reduce the burden

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