Adtech and programmatic advertising—introduction

The following TMT practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Adtech and programmatic advertising—introduction
  • Quick view
  • What is adtech?
  • What is digital advertising?
  • What is programmatic advertising?
  • What is real-time bidding (RTB)?
  • Types of programmatic transactions
  • Pricing models
  • What is viewability?
  • The adtech ecosystem
  • More...

Adtech and programmatic advertising—introduction

This Practice Note provides an overview of the adtech ecosystem and the programmatic buying and selling of online display advertising. It considers the technologies and transaction processes that power programmatic advertising, the differences between the programmatic transaction types, pricing models, the key participants in the adtech ecosystem and programmatic advertising more generally, and the real-time bidding (RTB) auction process.

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Quick view

The table below provides an overview of the topics considered in this Practice Note, with links to the relevant section where more detailed information can be found.

What is adtech?Adtech (advertising technology) refers to the technologies, software and services used by advertisers and publishers to create, run, manage and optimise digital advertising campaigns, and for the process of buying, selling, delivering and targeting digital advertising. This section considers how adtech is defined, why it emerged and how it can be distinguished from martech.
What is digital advertising?Digital advertising is advertising that uses digital media, including display advertising, social media advertising, search engine marketing, native advertising, video advertising, audio advertising, affiliate marketing, digital out-of-home advertising and advanced TV advertising. This section provides background on digital advertising generally and on display advertising, which is the focus of this

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