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The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Admissions
  • The scope of CPR 14
  • When CPR 14 applies
  • When CPR 14 does not apply
  • Admissions following issue of proceedings
  • Consequences of making an admission
  • Cost implications of delay in an admission of liability
  • Withdrawal of an admission
  • Making an application to withdraw an admission
  • Responding to an application to withdraw an admission
  • More...


This Practice Note sets out when CPR 14, which deals with admissions, will and will not apply. It looks at when admissions can be made following proceedings being issued, the consequences of making an admission, the cost implications of delay when admitting liability, and the ability to withdraw an admission together with the principles the court will consider when an application to withdraw an admission is made.

If the admission is in respect of a money claim, there is a distinction between making admissions in respect of specified and unspecified amounts. For more information, see Practice Notes:

  1. Admissions in money claims—specified amount

  2. Admissions in money claims—unspecified amounts

For guidance generally on the contents and filing of the defence, see Practice Notes: Drafting the defence—formalities and Drafting the defence—drafting tips.

The scope of CPR 14

CPR 14 sets out the formal procedure for making and withdrawing admissions and the consequences of doing so. Its purpose is to encourage a defendant to admit all or part of a claim as early as possible to:

  1. reduce costs

  2. reduce delays in resolving the claim

  3. narrow the issues between the parties

  4. enable a defendant, in some circumstances, to take advantage of the provisions relating to time to pay—see CPR 14.9 and Admissions in money claims—specified amount—Request for time to pay

When CPR 14 applies

CPR 14 only applies in the following situations:

  1. admissions following

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