Additional pre-contract searches
Additional pre-contract searches

The following Property practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Additional pre-contract searches
  • What additional searches should be undertaken?
  • Mining Searches
  • Coal mining
  • Cheshire brine mining
  • Other mining searches
  • Canal & River Trust solicitor's search
  • Company search
  • London transport search (including London Underground and Docklands Light Railway)
  • HS2 and Crossrail searches
  • More...

What additional searches should be undertaken?

More specific searches and enquiries may be required depending on the property location, its surrounding area and the buyer’s plans for the property. Consider its proximity to railway lines (over and underground), waterways, quarries, mines, electricity pylons and cables, gas pipes, oil pipes and telecommunication cables. Virtually all searches can now be obtained from the National Land and Property Information Service (NLIS). The following list is non-exhaustive.

Mining Searches

Coal mining

This is a search of the Coal Authority’s mining records and will reveal whether the property is at risk of mining related subsidence. It should be carried out if the property is in a coal mining area (such as Yorkshire, Tyneside, Nottinghamshire, parts of the Midlands and Wales). A list of affected areas is available on the Coal Authority website.

The results will reveal:

  1. in relation to underground mining, whether the property is in an area that is likely:

    1. to have been affected by past mining operations, when the mines were last worked and whether ground movement caused by the mining should now have stabilised

    2. to be affected by current mining operations. A positive response must be reported to the insurer and the lender due to risk of subsidence

    3. to be affected by future mining operations

  2. whether there are any old shafts or adits within 20m of the property. If an entry

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