ADCCAC—starting an arbitration
Produced in partnership with Alec Emmerson of ADR Management Consultancies

The following Arbitration practice note produced in partnership with Alec Emmerson of ADR Management Consultancies provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • ADCCAC—starting an arbitration
  • Request for Arbitration
  • Commencement of proceedings
  • Response to the Request and counterclaim
  • Failure to respond

ADCCAC—starting an arbitration

Arbitration under the 2013 Procedural Regulations of Arbitration (the 2013 Regulations) of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC) (the Centre) is commenced by the claimant issuing a Request for Arbitration (the Request).

This Practice Note is based on the ‘official’ English version of the 2013 Regulations. There are discrepancies between Arabic and English in relation to the translation of mandatory or permissive words. The original version is however in Arabic and it is Arabic which will prevail should there be any dispute concerning the 2013 Regulations.

Request for Arbitration

An arbitration under the 2013 Regulations is commenced by the claimant submitting a Request to the Centre—see: Arbitrating under the ADCCAC Regulations 2013—Roles and definitions. The claimant must send the Request to the Centre with sufficient copies for each party (art 5.1). All communications at this stage are to be sent to the Centre marked for the attention of the Director by any method that provides proof of delivery such as registered or personal post, fax, telex, email or other means (art 4.4)

The Request must include:

  1. the name and capacity of each party to the dispute, along with the telephone, fax and email details and other communication details for each party and their representatives

  2. reference to the arbitration agreement on which the Request is based and which indicates that the Request falls within

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